Along my journey I’ve took a lot of loses and wins but I’m determined to never give up. I started from the bottom when Instagram first started. I began taking pictures of my jewelry on the dining table now I can direct an entire promo commercial for my brand. I’ve came along way and not ashamed of my journey. I’m so excited to expand and excel. I built my IG from the ground up. No paid followers, all organic followers. I started paying IG influencers last year. My first big IG influencer was jstlbby. She’s basically a motivational speaker. She has 2 million followers now. At the time I ran my promo she had 1 million. I decided to try my hand after tons of research, YouTube videos and google. She was very polite , kind and responded to my dm’s in a timely manner. I happen to pay on a Thursday and she didn’t get to post until 6pm (est time) Friday night. From the second she post, I instantly began to get sells. My phone didn’t stop CHA CHING (only Shopify users understand lol) for 48 hours. After she took my post down I still got sells from new followers. I gained 100’s of followers and made 2k. It changed my ENTIRE perspective of my business. It was such a rush . Literally life changing. I told myself “wow I can make 2k in a day”. I’ve never stopped chasing that rush but of course you have your good promos and bad but be patient. Don’t rush, take you time and study their page. I hope this guide helps you in some way. I wish you all the best of luck!